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Attorney Michael S. Matassa is a passionate writer and published author.
His trilogy "The Well House" is available at Barns and Noble and Amazon!

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The Well House Chronicles is a series of books that cover more than 30 years in the life of Bentley Joseph Carson and his family as he confronts the ultimate evil. It is an epic tale of faith, love, revenge and redemption. The first book in The Well House Chronicles is an exciting, unique and thoughtful story of a man’s fight against unbelievable odds to save his pregnant wife. The second book deals with Ben’s subsequent fall into depression and despair and the third book deals with Ben and his friends’ quest for redemption. Part drama, part fantasy and part parable, this series is a multilayered story that spans decades and takes you on an amazing journey, from the mountains high above Boulder Colorado to the depths of hell. Ben, together with his dog, Sherman, and his family and with the help of a wizard, a shape shifter, his old friend, Claude Moran, and a Basque priest, make several journeys through the underworld, where they encounter terrifying dreams, dangerous creatures, demonic angels and fiery battles.

These books are inspired by the works of Stephen King and J. K. Rowling and are a must read by anyone who enjoys unique stories driven by magic and spells, love and spirituality with incredible character development.