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Since we are proficient, experienced lawyers in the Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, Colorado area we can help you create a Last Will and Testament. You will enjoy peace of mind that your favorite possessions will be going to the right people after your passing.

Learn About The Benefits Of Trusts From An Attorney In Wheat Ridge, CO

Michael S. Matassa Attorney at Law Will Assist You With Your Estate Planning Matters

Would you like to set aside money or valuables for your loved ones after you pass away? If so, consider setting up trusts, which offer protection for your estate. There are all kinds of trusts to choose from, so talk with an estate planning attorney in Wheat Ridge, CO about your options.

Michael S. Matassa Attorney at Law can provide the answers you need, as well as set up trusts for your loved ones.

In addition to forming trusts, attorney Matassa can…

He can also help you explore your options for avoiding substantial taxes. Connect with attorney Matassa today.

Why Choose Michael S. Matassa Attorney At Law?

Because we’re a small estate planning and probate law firm based in Wheat Ridge, CO, we can…

Attorney Matassa is proficient in probate and estate planning law, so you can rely on him for guidance. Contact him today to start preparing for the future.

You have lost a loved one

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We are sorry for your loss and will handle your case with the utmost respect. We here at Michael S. Matassa Attorney at Law know the proper process in handling probate cases in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, CO. We will ensure all the correct steps are taken and that you have a clear understanding of each of these steps so that you are fully aware and included in the decision-making process. We will assist in paying debts that are owed and then help you transfer assets to the beneficiaries.